Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Art Elements January Use Your Stash Challenge Reveal!

Hosted by the fabulously talented  Lindsay Star!  This was a fun challenge for me. I moved in October and am working on the house and still have boxes everywhere. Well, I decided to take the spare room with two windows and a door that's all window! Tons of light! So, I got my jewelry table set up and my lampworking table set up but not the torch yet.  I was chomping at the bit to do something and  was thrilled to be chosen for this challenge. I received a fabulous fused glass donut made by SueBeads in beautiful ocean colors. So, that is the direction I went in for my pendant. I hope you like it.

This first photo isn't so great but I want you to see all the colors inside of it. This was a hard piece to photograph because of the depth of the piece.
 So, here it is on proper lighting. I used a piece of hand dyed silk a friend gave me last month as a background. It looks like a sandy beach!

Here is the list of all the participants. Please visit each one and enjoy the fabulous creations from everyone! Thanks SO much Lindsay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Art Elements:


  1. Fantastic Patty, and thanks for playing along with us! I agree, photo's never do Sue's work justice, especially on her cabs and fused donuts. I have one very similar to this so I know exactly how you feel.

  2. That's a gorgeous component and a stunning design. Definitely one to wear on the beach!

  3. What a charming piece, I never quiet know what to do with donuts so tend not to use them.

    1. I know exactly what you mean Niky. Donuts are limiting but if you go for it I think they make beautiful pendants. I had so much fun with this challenge.

  4. that blue is gorgeous, it glows! I love the dangles and the style.

  5. Beautiful work! I love how this looks almost talismany with its beachy dangles!

  6. Patty, what a great job you did on that piece - it's beautiful! Thanks for making my donut look so good! Thanks too for playing along!

  7. That glass donut is gorgeous and you really did a good job framing and enhancing it. Lovely work!