Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Art Elements January Use Your Stash Challenge Reveal!

Hosted by the fabulously talented  Lindsay Star!  This was a fun challenge for me. I moved in October and am working on the house and still have boxes everywhere. Well, I decided to take the spare room with two windows and a door that's all window! Tons of light! So, I got my jewelry table set up and my lampworking table set up but not the torch yet.  I was chomping at the bit to do something and  was thrilled to be chosen for this challenge. I received a fabulous fused glass donut made by SueBeads in beautiful ocean colors. So, that is the direction I went in for my pendant. I hope you like it.

This first photo isn't so great but I want you to see all the colors inside of it. This was a hard piece to photograph because of the depth of the piece.
 So, here it is on proper lighting. I used a piece of hand dyed silk a friend gave me last month as a background. It looks like a sandy beach!

Here is the list of all the participants. Please visit each one and enjoy the fabulous creations from everyone! Thanks SO much Lindsay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Art Elements:

Sunday, January 14, 2018

It's A Sickness!

If you are a craft person/artist who buys supplies you know how it can be. You collect items and supplies because they are fabulous and beautiful. Then you have to figure out new ways to store the items so they are readily available. And in your brain you have a running inventory of what you have and if that fails you go back and look through your supplies periodically to refresh your memory. LOLOL! It is fun though and I love it. I have more supplies now than I probably will ever use in my lifetime.

But as the new Pantone color of the year came out I got excited and went online to order more glass supplies. Frit to be specific. I love to use frit on the lampwork beads I make: as added color, design or background. Frit is wonderful. Of course I had to buy purple to see if I can match the new Pantone color of the year. The tone seems to be more of a blue purple than a pink purple. Here is what I found at Val Cox Frit. What do you think?

Purple Rose

Violet Storm

And my last choice is Hyacinth Violet

Which do you think are closest in shade to the Pantone Ultraviolet?