Tuesday, May 26, 2015

One Huge Custom Order

For a wedding. Sigh....I love weddings.  I have a friend I met on my job and she told me one day that she was planning on buying some crystals to put on three chandeliers she had spray painted rubbed bronze. What a labor of love and boy did they  turn out beautiful. Well, I said I have lots of crystals that I am not using. Most of them are vintage and all are Swarovski crystals. Would she like some of them? When we got together I showed her some of my huge crystal stash and shared a few ideas I had on how they could be used and lo and behold she hired me to do 54 crystal dangles for 3 chandeliers for her daughter's wedding. So, far it has taken me about 14 hours to do all of these and I just realized I need 6 more for the burnt orange group! LOL
Here is a sneak preview. I will hopefully get photos when they are on the chandeliers. Her daughter is an artist so I hope she will like these.What do you think so far?

chandelier #1
 close up of #1
 potential centerpiece for #1
 2nd potential for #1
 chandelier #2
 close up #2
 chandelier #2

 chandelier #3
 close up #3
 potential center piece #3

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Update on Jessie

Thank you all for thinking of Jessie. She is home and is eating and drinking. The ultrasound of her kidneys that was done yesterday was normal in appearance. But last she was tested her urea levels were sky high. That means her system is being poisoned.I am taking her to a new vet today at 3:00 and hopefully he will find some answers. Thanks so much for your prayers. She is the love of my life. <3
 7 months old
 7 months old
 growing up?
 sweet baby Jessie
trouble maker Jessie

Saturday, May 16, 2015

the Art of Awareness blog hop

With a heavy heart I have to say I cannot participate. My beloved furbaby Jessie is in the hospital and I will not know until Monday if she will be ok. Please send up prayers and healing thoughts for her. She is the light if my life. Thank you.