Monday, October 26, 2015

Forgive My Forgetfulness

I forgot to update you all about Jessie who is fine! She had kidney failure last April for which the treatment ran into the next few months. I am just grateful to have found a doctor who was willing to give me the tools I needed to treat her. As well as doing research he provided me with saline fluid and blood pressure medicine to give her while her body righted itself. The saline fluids had to be given twice a day for the first two weeks then as she began to get better test results we went down to once a day the twice a week then weaned her off of fluids. It was truly a miracle as her urea levels were so high. She is the best dog I ever have had. She is just so silly and fun and sweet. So all the prayers and good energy and wishes sent her way were SO appreciated.   Thank you all who love dogs and sent us good will.

I am now readying my house for sale hopefully to downsize in preparation for retirement. Good thoughts on that account are greatly appreciated, too. Much love

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