Sunday, February 15, 2015

I Have Been Following........

a blog written by a  wonderful woman who I think is full of kindness and wisdom. She struggles with Lyme disease but still holds  seminars to help other people. She writes and cooks and bakes. Honestly, she totally amazes me. I have a hard time doing all that and I don't have Lyme! She is lucky to have good supportive husband and friends as well as a good doctor who accepts her holistic help with treating her own disease.

Today she blogged about something simple but powerful. The 30 Second Power Pause. It sounds silly but the premise is very good and really spoke to me. You know how our inner dialog can sometimes turn negative towards ourselves or we can get frustrated or hit a wall? Well, she suggests a short breather you can do anywhere. Read more about it here:

I am going to try it as my mind sometimes runs too fast and won't shut up! lolol  I follow her blog and get so many positive ideas from her. Check her blog post out!

I am using a picture she shared . it is wonderfully serene.

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