Sunday, January 25, 2015

This Month has Flown By

I can't believe it is the 25 of January already.I have been finishing up orders for etched copper pieces and lampwork beads and trying to find some time to create some designs of my own.I have a bunch of etched copper components ready to sand and seal. I have a few ready to photograph and would love to find the time to get them posted for sale. But today I need to make beads to fill a couple custom orders. Here are some pics of what I will make today.

This is one of my most popular set of disk beads. It is called Blue Hydrangea. I love the color combinations. i tried to capture all the hues of purple, pink and blue the blooms go through with a little green thrown in for the leaves.

This is also Blue Hydrangea with an organic twist. I added silver foil on an ivory base for wonderful reactions on the surface of the beads.

And this last set was a wonderful surprise when I first made them and has been very popular. I call it Wildflower Garden as it has all the wonderful bright pinks and purples with some browns and greens with fabulous organic reactions.

Well, I suppose I better get to it. It is bright and sunny here. I hope you have good weather today and enjoy your day. 


  1. Hello. Very beautiful color on your beads. Very! How is this glass?

  2. Hi Nadezhda. You can find a very detailed explanation here
    but a simple explanation is that I melt glass rods and design beads on a thin steel mandrel. There is every color under the rainbow to work with. Glass workers have all sorts of fun things to add to their beads like frit ( tiny pieces of glass bits) and pure silver as well as many others. You can do a search online for lampworking and find bunches of glass artists who sell their wares like I do. Thanks for asking. :o)

  3. Hi, Patty. I'm not correctly asked))))))))))))). Very beautiful color Frits on balls (second picture).
    I wanted to know what the name of this Frit? Very beautiful color. This frit СОЕ 104?

  4. I am so sorry. It is a mix of colors that I have made myself. I call it Wildflower Garden. It is coe 94 - 96. If used in small amounts on a bead it will not cause it to crack. :o)

  5. Thanks for the reply, Petti. I have different Frits, but your very beautiful. This color gives the impression of))))))))))) Thank you.