Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bead Hoarders Bog Hop

I always love this blog hop and I AM a huge bead hoarder. Lol.  I have a whole crowded room full of beads and lampwork bead making supplies. needless to say I love beads. :o)

This first bracelet is very special to me. First of all I love the celini spiral used to make the seed bead portion of it. I used rich matte brown and accented those with rosy light brown beads. But the most important part is the lampwork focal bead. It was made by another lampwork artist , Shawn, using boro glass which I don't work in. I bought them from her at a show here in town several years ago. I had  a 10 year old dog at the time that I was very close with. She was the love of my life. She had been sick and had surgery for cancer. I was hopeful that we would have more time together as she recovered and after a month I thought she would like an outing. We went to the craft show together where I bought these beautiful beads. She waited in the car as I viewed all the fab art at the Webb School Annual craft show where I bought a set of these beads. I got back out to my car and my Jasmine and I took a walk through a wooded area surrounding the school. We explored a stream and listened to animals rustle in the dry grass. She thoroughly enjoyed it. We had a big day and went home satisfied. That night turned out to be her last. These beads mark that wonderful day for me and I am forever grateful that she had such a wonderful last day. Don't be sad though. Three years later I  met and adopted another funny, sweet and wonderful doggie that has the same markings Jasmine had and my heart began to heal. So, now this bracelet is a sign of joy.

The next two pieces are made with lampwork beads that I made. They are probably around 18mm and were made before I had tools to help shape beads. So, they are hand shaped and I was pleased with the donut shape but they also have three layers to them. So, for me they were challenging. Encasing is tricky in itself and then I challenged myself to add ( woops)  surface decoration.  First a base layer of opaque glass, then they are encased in a corresponding color of transparent glass and then polka dots on the surface! I waited forever to decide to use them but finally did and now I want to make more of these polka dot beads! lol
Now off to blog hop and see all the pretties everyone one else has made.