Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Jasper Gemstone Earrings Listed Today

I have a sweet and simple pair of new earrings that I call Simply Zen. They are made of brecciated jasper on top, red jasper in the center and red creek jasper at the bottom. I adore all jaspers and these are three of my favorites.  If you see something you like in my Etsy store you can use coupon code 'Lucky13" and get 13% off of your purchase.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I Need to Get Off ThisTrain for Awhile.....

Does anyone know how to stop the spinning? Well, the last two months have been doozies! My daughter broke up with a boyfriend but he continued to pursue her. He text-ed, facebooked, came to the house 3 times uninvited ( two of them totally lit) and then topped all that with a restraining order! LOL! I say 'lol' but we were pretty shocked. We have never been through anything like this before.
 He said he 'just wanted to talk' and when she wouldn't he text-ed her saying he would make it so she couldn't talk to him. There is more but I don't want to go into all the gory details! The court date is in a week and I believe we are prepared. I hope.

Then the dryer went out a month ago and it just got fixed after 3 visits from the repairman and 2 different parts ordered.  The garbage disposal died and then I saw that the back door threshold  had some water rot going on under it and up the sides of the door frame. The carpenter is coming over the 13th to do that repair and then I will find out how extensive that is. I truly do not like to complain as it wastes time and does no good but come on! I need a break!

Well, here's more pleasant things to talk about. I have made a few changes to my Etsy store. I decided to split up my jewelry and my lampwork beads and etched copper components. So, I have re-opened my old store. Having them all together sort of seemd like preaching to the choir so I have a new Etsy store called Cabari Beads Jewelry.  It's really no more work to have separate stores  except that I have to log out and log back in with my other name. I sold a pair of earrings and I am thrilled. I have been going rustic and more detailed. What do you think?

I had made this previously with stunning blue/green Peruvian Opal! When it didn't sell I then added the dangles with the copper/brass oval beads and the one atop the pendant. We'll see! lol

 I LOVE the ceramic dangles I got on Etsy from Scorched Earth. I have started adding a little bead wired on to my hand made earwires for a more complete look.
 My own etched copper moons and gorgeous Moonstones!
 This is the pair I sold. I was afraid they were too long at 6" but they were the first of my new designs to sell! I love them! I felt daring using feathers!