Monday, June 9, 2014

Moving On

Well, the Bead Soup Blog Hopping is finished although a few people are still visiting my blog post to see what creations I came up with  last month. It was a really fun time and now is only once a year rather than twice. So, next spring get ready to roam the internet again to see wonderful jewelry designs by over 500 artists.

I have been busy in the gardens as summer is in full bloom here and weeds and watering are a daily need especially since it has been exceedingly dry here in Tennessee.  I also have made three 4x4 raised beads to grow my veges in. The soil mix comes from the book Square Foot Gardening which simplifies the process.
This is the idea so you can mix your own soil and control the weeds better. I have 3 but they are square like the pic below. So far I have tomatoes, zucchini, onions, green and red peppers and cucumbers. I need to get more stuff to mix the soil for bed 2 and 3 into which I will put beets, beads and some others as the time of year allows. I can't believe I typed beads instead of beans! lolol
 In the third bed I am going to transplant a volunteer asparagus plant! I am psyched about that!

But since then I have also  been working on some new beads and new colors of past designs. I also have some new etched copper designs.
I also changed the design for my dragonfly earrings by adding a color choice for the dangle on the earrings.

Can you tell I like earthy organic beads and jewelry?  :o)