Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bead Hoarders Bog Hop

I always love this blog hop and I AM a huge bead hoarder. Lol.  I have a whole crowded room full of beads and lampwork bead making supplies. needless to say I love beads. :o)

This first bracelet is very special to me. First of all I love the celini spiral used to make the seed bead portion of it. I used rich matte brown and accented those with rosy light brown beads. But the most important part is the lampwork focal bead. It was made by another lampwork artist , Shawn, using boro glass which I don't work in. I bought them from her at a show here in town several years ago. I had  a 10 year old dog at the time that I was very close with. She was the love of my life. She had been sick and had surgery for cancer. I was hopeful that we would have more time together as she recovered and after a month I thought she would like an outing. We went to the craft show together where I bought these beautiful beads. She waited in the car as I viewed all the fab art at the Webb School Annual craft show where I bought a set of these beads. I got back out to my car and my Jasmine and I took a walk through a wooded area surrounding the school. We explored a stream and listened to animals rustle in the dry grass. She thoroughly enjoyed it. We had a big day and went home satisfied. That night turned out to be her last. These beads mark that wonderful day for me and I am forever grateful that she had such a wonderful last day. Don't be sad though. Three years later I  met and adopted another funny, sweet and wonderful doggie that has the same markings Jasmine had and my heart began to heal. So, now this bracelet is a sign of joy.

The next two pieces are made with lampwork beads that I made. They are probably around 18mm and were made before I had tools to help shape beads. So, they are hand shaped and I was pleased with the donut shape but they also have three layers to them. So, for me they were challenging. Encasing is tricky in itself and then I challenged myself to add ( woops)  surface decoration.  First a base layer of opaque glass, then they are encased in a corresponding color of transparent glass and then polka dots on the surface! I waited forever to decide to use them but finally did and now I want to make more of these polka dot beads! lol
Now off to blog hop and see all the pretties everyone one else has made.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

The turkey is in the oven baking - with stuffing in it!  :o)  We like mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes, broccoli casserole, etc. etc. I want to express how happy it makes me to be a part of the lampwork and jewelry community . It brings such richness and joy to my life. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you wonderful and creative people. I take joy in knowing the people I have met from the lampwork/jewelry community and hope to meet more in the future.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

So Here Are The Copper Chains

that i am offering right now. I plan to get in some ball chains that are solid copper. And a couple more designs - rolo chain, which I love. I always try to keep a good selection on hand for custom designs but now I want to offer them for customers to use for their own designs.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Am Offering Chains To Go With My Lampwork Beads

I have started offering chains to go with my lampwork beads as well as my etched copper components. So many people make their own jewelry now but they don't always carry a selection of chains. I will offer them in brass and copper - antiqued and shiny. Of course, if you like a chain that is not antiqued I can antique it for you.

This is my current selection of brass chains. They range from 5mm down to 2.5mm. I like to have a good selection of sizes for different size beads and pendants. I plan to do this in copper as well.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gossipping Goddess GiveAway

I am going to start off with a photo to make it more tantalizing to find her blog!

Well, are you ready to find the link to here blog to sign p for the giveaway?! I love the enameled leaves. And the crow pendant, and the ceramic pieces..................ok, I also love the headpins!!! You can sign up several ways to give you more chances to win. Check it out here:

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Jasper Gemstone Earrings Listed Today

I have a sweet and simple pair of new earrings that I call Simply Zen. They are made of brecciated jasper on top, red jasper in the center and red creek jasper at the bottom. I adore all jaspers and these are three of my favorites.  If you see something you like in my Etsy store you can use coupon code 'Lucky13" and get 13% off of your purchase.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I Need to Get Off ThisTrain for Awhile.....

Does anyone know how to stop the spinning? Well, the last two months have been doozies! My daughter broke up with a boyfriend but he continued to pursue her. He text-ed, facebooked, came to the house 3 times uninvited ( two of them totally lit) and then topped all that with a restraining order! LOL! I say 'lol' but we were pretty shocked. We have never been through anything like this before.
 He said he 'just wanted to talk' and when she wouldn't he text-ed her saying he would make it so she couldn't talk to him. There is more but I don't want to go into all the gory details! The court date is in a week and I believe we are prepared. I hope.

Then the dryer went out a month ago and it just got fixed after 3 visits from the repairman and 2 different parts ordered.  The garbage disposal died and then I saw that the back door threshold  had some water rot going on under it and up the sides of the door frame. The carpenter is coming over the 13th to do that repair and then I will find out how extensive that is. I truly do not like to complain as it wastes time and does no good but come on! I need a break!

Well, here's more pleasant things to talk about. I have made a few changes to my Etsy store. I decided to split up my jewelry and my lampwork beads and etched copper components. So, I have re-opened my old store. Having them all together sort of seemd like preaching to the choir so I have a new Etsy store called Cabari Beads Jewelry.  It's really no more work to have separate stores  except that I have to log out and log back in with my other name. I sold a pair of earrings and I am thrilled. I have been going rustic and more detailed. What do you think?

I had made this previously with stunning blue/green Peruvian Opal! When it didn't sell I then added the dangles with the copper/brass oval beads and the one atop the pendant. We'll see! lol

 I LOVE the ceramic dangles I got on Etsy from Scorched Earth. I have started adding a little bead wired on to my hand made earwires for a more complete look.
 My own etched copper moons and gorgeous Moonstones!
 This is the pair I sold. I was afraid they were too long at 6" but they were the first of my new designs to sell! I love them! I felt daring using feathers!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Moving On

Well, the Bead Soup Blog Hopping is finished although a few people are still visiting my blog post to see what creations I came up with  last month. It was a really fun time and now is only once a year rather than twice. So, next spring get ready to roam the internet again to see wonderful jewelry designs by over 500 artists.

I have been busy in the gardens as summer is in full bloom here and weeds and watering are a daily need especially since it has been exceedingly dry here in Tennessee.  I also have made three 4x4 raised beads to grow my veges in. The soil mix comes from the book Square Foot Gardening which simplifies the process.
This is the idea so you can mix your own soil and control the weeds better. I have 3 but they are square like the pic below. So far I have tomatoes, zucchini, onions, green and red peppers and cucumbers. I need to get more stuff to mix the soil for bed 2 and 3 into which I will put beets, beads and some others as the time of year allows. I can't believe I typed beads instead of beans! lolol
 In the third bed I am going to transplant a volunteer asparagus plant! I am psyched about that!

But since then I have also  been working on some new beads and new colors of past designs. I also have some new etched copper designs.
I also changed the design for my dragonfly earrings by adding a color choice for the dangle on the earrings.

Can you tell I like earthy organic beads and jewelry?  :o)

Monday, May 12, 2014

My Bead Soup Reveal!

I am so excited about this year's soup! My partner Pam Hurst sent me some awesome stuff! See her blog here

 Chunky carnelian! Semi precious beads! Pearls! And more but the stunner is the pmc silver focal handmade by Pam!  so, here is what I have made:

For this necklace I used the citrine squares, the aquamarine squares, the focal and clasp. I added some blue guilders paste to the silver focal since blue is the main color of the necklace. I made tiny sterling silver  balled head pins to use to make the cluster of citrine, aquamarine, and I added some faceted 4mm semi precious heishi to the mix in coordinating colors of blue and dark citrine.  For the necklace portion I used aqua blue 4mm sperpentine heishi  and added in the remaining aquamarine square heishi in intervals at the bottom near the focal. I used the remaining citrine heishi right around the focal! The clasp is awesome with the flowered focal!

Here's a close up of the pendant.

 For this rustic tribal necklace I used some of the fabulous chunky and faceted carnelian beads!  The focal is a genuine African trade bead which I surrounded by layered bead caps in copper. the oval metal beads are African brass and copper mix beads. I love them!  I used two lampwotk disk beads I made, copper heishi, red and green jasper disks, a pretty green semi precious rectangle stone with awesome striations and the finishing touch is the clasp that I made. It is solid copper that I etched, patinaed with liver of sulfur, sanded and then sealed with spray sealant. I sell my etched copper pieces  in my Etsy store if you are interested.

My final piece is one that I have been working on for awhile but did not finish until this blog hop. It is an ocean themed bracelet in purples and blues with pearls,  an etched copper piece, sari ribbon, lampwork and a huge piece of rainbow fluorite.  I wire wrapped some recycled sari ribbon with seed beads and amethyst beads to a wire base. I added a  large hammer faceted rainbow fluorite bead, copper bead cap, my lampwork bead in shades of purple, a gorgeous huge pearl from Pam, my etched copper piece with fishies on it and a fabulous clasp that is wire wrapped to the the etched copper fish piece. I may have to keep this one! OK, it will be in my Etsy store cos I can't keep everything I make! lol

I have alot more soup so I am going to have another reveal day. My partner Pam is going to do another also!

Thanks to Lori and Lisa and all who helped with this awesome blog hop! Lori, I hope you start to improve faster and faster.  Keep up the hard work healing as you have many who love you. <3
See the whole list of participants here:

Friday, May 9, 2014

Bead soup Blog Hop

Due to mother's day falling this weekend I will post on Sunday! We are celebrating tomorrow so please come back and see my goodies. I have a bracelet, a pendant and earrings. I am excited about this blog hop so come on back Sunday and see my goodies. :o)

This is the soup sent to me from my partner Pam Hurst. you can see her goods at .

Here is the soup Pam sent to me! I am working on some bohemian designs with these awesome semi precious beads and the pmc silver focal. Yumm!

And here is the soup I sent to her! Jasper, copper and a set of lampwork beads I made.
 And 3 lampwork focals, sodalite and some sari ribbon.
 Then 5 different etched copper flower disks!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bead Soup!

I can't wait for my partner Pam Hurst to get her box. I think it should arrive tomorrow at her house. Yay! Then I can show you  what I sent! I need to get working and put some things together now!
So, here is what she sent to me. It is fabulous!

First, a pic of the whole grouping. Chunky carnelian, beautiful labradorite, round pearls, citrine squares, aquamarine squares, amethyst, moonstone, hematite, and some lovely shell beads that blend perfectly!
But this is her specialty! Sterling PMC pendants and it is gorgeous! It is almost 1.5 inches and has a sweet nameplate on the back with the name of her new line - sparkles. it gives fabulous weight to the piece!  WOW! Look and drool.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Bead Soup partner is.....

Super talented Pam Hurst!  Pam works in silver precious metal clay and her jewelry designs are beautiful as you can see here with this earring and necklace set made by her. She makes her components and designs her jewelry.

Pam says she has been making jewelry forever  and she moved toward taking lampwork classes and making glass beads.  But with two children she doesn't have the time for lampwork beads but focuses on making silver components and designing gorgeous jewelry. 

Pam has taken bunches of classes from very talented teachers in metal clay, lampworking and metalsmithing and it shows in her beautiful work. She also uses gorgeous gemstones in her designs. I LOVE this necklace!

You can see more of her work here:  Pam Hurst Designs

A Bold Prediction

My thought is that March came in like a lion here in Tennessee and therefore it will go out like a lamb! lolol
It did though. It got back down to below freezing and spit a little snow and that is lionish for us here.
 ( hopeful smile )

Well, anyway, the garden is growing weeds and bulbs are blooming flowers! Pretty. That's a sign.

So, I am making some new etched copper disks with flower designs on them to celebrate the coming of spring. I also have some dragonflies, fairy wings and zen garden pieces. They will be in my Etsy store in a few days. Here is a preview. I hope you have a great day!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spring Fever Design Challenge from BlueberriBeads!

I so love Blueberri's ceramic beads! They are so happy! Well, she and a couple friends are having a spring fever design challenge. There are several ways to  sign up for a chance to be included in this challenge. And yes, this is one of them. I saw the beads being offered and immediately wanted to partake! Look at her post here to see more.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bead Soup Blog Hop is Coming Again

Sign ups are this weekend! I have been looking forward to this all year. The blog hops are only going to be once a year now but they are huge. Hundreds of people sign up for it and no one is turned down. There is only one reveal day and then we spend the next week or two hopping to see everyone's fabulous creations they have made from the bead soup that was sent to them in the mail .:o)

It is really fun and sometimes a challenge because you never know what you are going to get. Stay tuned for more info as it nears time!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy February!

Yes, I am thrilled! This has been a hard January for me.  I went back to work 2 weeks ago after  being off work for a back re-injury.  As soon as I got back to work the snow and ice came with freezing temperatures. I know everyone has had that! I drive for a living delivering mail for over 25 miles each day after sorting the mail and packages for 5 hours and then loading all the trays and parcels into my mail truck. Well, here in Tennessee we have winding curvy roads with steep hills - on both sides!  So it has a been a rough week and I am glad the snow is gone here. I love to see it but hate to drive in it. I look forward to a better February and an early spring (fingers crossed). And I can't wait to see things start peeking above ground in my garden! I hope you all have done well through this horrible cold and blizzardy weather.

I have been puttering with a few new things in my spare time which I have more of these days - well, no maybe less. I work more hours each day but only five days now instead of six! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!  You will not believe what a difference it makes to have two days off each week instead of one. Wow!

But I have been finishing up some ceramic pieces I have had in the works for a while. I have used oil colors and guilders paste and am waiting for them to dry so I can cold glaze them. I am excited about this process for coloring ceramics. And it can be used on any type of clay as long as you seal it with a permanent cold glaze. For polymer clay there are some colors and finishes you can put on before baking and they are permanent without glaze.

I am looking forward to making some new lampwork beads, too. I have been busy with custom orders. I try to make at least one new set of 6 beads each time I sit down to torch but do not always accomplish that. I do have some new beads that need photographing but I have to wait for sun.I also want to try my hand at some glass work on the ends of copper wire to use in jewelry designs. So much to try - so little time. Sigh.................

Here is a little preview of the ceramic pieces. I will get better pics later when they are finished.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr...It's Cold Outside

It has  been freezing outside this last week here in Tennessee! And the temperatures have not been as low as some areas of the country. Today it is up above freezing for the first time in a week and I am so relieved. My propane hoses were too frozen to fuel my torch. I brought them inside along with the propane regulator to thaw it out. I got a new tank of propane and today there is movement in the lines and the torch is lighting. Yay! I can make beads!  I have orders to make and need to get working.

But in the meantime I have been on a earring kick! I got an idea and ran with it so I have 12 new pair of earrings in my Etsy store. Yay again! I used a great variety of accent beads along with the etched copper tabs - some stone, lampwork beads and Czech glass. I love it all.

Here are a few. Stay warm.