Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Autumn Wildflowers

I love this time of year. I never get tired of the brisk air and the changing leaves. The air cools off and is so clear. You can get outside and not sweat like a sumo wrestler!  It is about  40 degrees here in Knoxville and a little overcast which I love. The leaves have not changed here yet. I am still waiting.  I went out meandering today with only two of my 4 dogs because these two can walk off leash. They come running when I call them - my sweet babies. <3

There is a circle about 1/4 mile up the main road in my subdivision where the land is too low for anything to be built. It is all trees - a small wood but my dogs love to run up the paths weaving through it that the neighborhood kids have trodden down. Even my old boy (he's 14) kicks up his legs and runs in there.   It looks like someone was down there recently and built a small campfire in the clearing near the middle.   When I was a child we had a huge wood behind our house and it was such fertile ground for play - physically and mentally.  We spent whole days dreaming back in that beautiful New York wood and never got bored!

Today I found some fluffs of moss on fallen Maple branches. I have been gathering them to use on a Fairy House I plan to make. It's still in the planning stages. I would love to make one that could be in my garden and wouldn't decay....

I also found some sweet white and berry colored weed flowers - just waiting for me to come along and enjoy them. I cut the stems back and put them in an old bottle to use as a vase. They went on the small shelf in the dining room.

And gooseberries! I think these are gooseberries. I am going to try and make some lampwork beads to look like them.  :o)

Off to make beads.

Monday, October 21, 2013

I love the Warmth of Copper Tones

In the last couple of years I have gravitated to using more solid copper wire and components in my designs as the cost of sterling and gold have so risen dramatically.  I find that I love the warmth and earthiness of copper and it is really easy to work with. Here are a few of my designs that I have made with my own beads and components. :o)  
In the first necklace I have layered 3 copper disks in different sizes.  The bottom disk is 1.5 inches and it has been hammered and patina ed with LOS. The disk on top of it has been acid etched with a design I just love. I added a third layer. It is a disk I made with copper precious metal clay. The whole piece is held together with twisted gold filled wire and I used a solid copper chain that is diamond cut so it really gleams.  I tried to purchase more of it but the seller is out of it!  :o(
Time Traveler Necklace

Etched Copper Sticks with My Lampwork  Earrings

Concave Etched Copper Earrings

You can find components I have made in my Etsy shop. I have a super sale going on in the component section. You can see them here.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Clearance Sale Ends Sunday at Noon

Just a heads up that my 40% OFF clearance sale ends This Sunday the 20th at noon. I have etched copper  components including handmade head pins, handmade lampwork beads, and finished jewelry.  I have alot of new items listed in the last few days in the made to order lampwork and ready to ship components.
Come on over and look at what's available for your jewelry designs and ready made gifts in my Etsy Shop.

Here's a few:

Blue Heron/ Egret Pendant

Seashore Pendant

Whimsical Flower Pendant

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Missing Link Wireworking Book - NEW!

Oh my gosh, does this book look fabulous!!  30 new wire worked  links and 15 projects! I have seen some of the new links and they are unique and fresh. I can't wait to see this book!  I love the necklace on the cover.   You can see some of the worked pieces on Cindy Wimmer's blog:

Check it out!

Cindy Wimmer on a book signing tour in North Virginia in October.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Clearance Sale

The weather outside has cooled off and I am ready for Fall. Aren't you?  Summer was great this year but I love Fall. The air is cool and crisp and the colors of the changing leaves enchants me every year.  I never tire of Fall.  So, to celebrate my fav time of the year I am having a 40% OFF CLEARANCE SALE in my Etsy Store right now! The sale is on ready to ship and made to order so come over and see what's new.   It will run through Sunday at noon so get you some handmade jewelry, glass and etched copper components to make your own and handmade lampwork beads at great prices!  I have new cuff bracelets listed, too!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Etched Copper Cuffs

I love copper etching as the designs are so fabulous and organic.  Copper is such a warm metal and looks good on all skin tones.  I have just finished some new copper cuffs that are 1.25 inches wide. These cuffs are 6 inches long as that is the standard length for cuffs so they will fit a 6 to 8 inch wrist.  My new cuffs have fabulous flowers on them! I am an avid gardener so that much be why I love them so much. :o)  The first one pictured has sweet happy flowers on it. The second has a beautiful design with hibiscus flowers and foliage. They can be found in my Etsy store right now at 20% off.  I also have a sweet pair of fairy wing pendant/earring pieces that are beautifully golden.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Frit Bead Review!

A fabulous artist Kimberly Roger of Numinosity Beads has written a great blog post about glass frit and it's various used in bead making. 
You can find her post here:

I love frit due to the variety of applications you can use it for. You can layer it on your bead and melt it in completely, leave it partially raised or even encase it with a transparent color or clear. It can be used a s a background like on my first bead shown in this post or as a main design element.You can even use it on metal! Frit can be used in a multicolor mix or a single color. There are also color changing frits.

 You must be careful when using frit as there is almost always some powdered glass in the bottom of the container. If it becomes airborne  you must leave the room as it never can be cleared out of your lungs once breathed in. A special mask is recommended to be used when working with frit  as well as a good ventilation system in your studio.

Here are some sets of my beads that  I use frit to create. There are so many various applications. It is one of my favorite bead decorations! Check out my beads in my Etsy shop where everything is 20% off right now!