Monday, September 23, 2013

New Fall Color Beads.

I have two new sets of squeezed flat beads made in the colors of fall leaves. I made a frit mix in the same color mix for these beads.  I love fall and part of it is because of the changing of the leaves. With beads we can wear the changing leaf colors on our wrists and necks! I made one set in transparent and one set in opaques.  I do take special orders if you want just one or two colors for your creations. Right now my whole shop is 20% off to celebrate Fall!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Lampwork Beads In My Etsy Store

I also am having a 20% off sale right now!  I love to make small bead sets as well as focal beads so I have been making pretty bead pairs to use as accent beads for a larger focal bead or as earrings!  I have some new colors for fall right now. The photo immediately below shows my new colors: green purple and red for this fall!
Here are my green, purple and red earring pair colors with my fall leaves frit melted into them with silver foil and silver wire melted in for lotd of sparkle.

This is my light amber pair.

This is a set of 2 each pink transparent and pink opaque with pink frit melted in and silver wire.

And one of my fav colors medium blue with silver foil and amber frit with silver wire adding sparkles!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A New Sale

Well, the coupon sale was a new experience for me. I think it's a cool idea but it's over so I am back to a straight 20% off in my whole Etsy store. Come on over and shop for new fall beads and components for your jewelry making or find a new piece of jewelry! I have a bunch of new fun and earthy earrings listed!

50% Coupon Sale Ending Tonight

Hi, I hope you have had a wonderful weekend so far. My best friend, Diane,  had her 60th birthday and retirement party yesterday so I have been busy helping here prepare. She had it at her house and in her backyard which is a beautiful garden area. She has lived there forever so it is all filled in and lovely.  I hope she is resting well today as it was a full day yesterday! Congrats, Diane!

And a heads up: my coupon sale in my Etsy store will end tonight so come on over and buy your coupon to get $150 of beads, components and jewelry for only $75!  I still have lots of new beads and jewelry listed this last week.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Coupon Sale Still Going

And I have some new beads coming out today or tomorrow in my Etsy store.

"Everything scares me. When I take a part I take a part because it scares me. I’m used to being scared. I find that a good sign. Life is massive, you need to be awake." Susan Sarandon

What a fantastic quote!  I just read it in an interview with the UK Telegraph Susan gave back in April 2012.
Yes. Life IS massive, I WANT to be awake. There are so many have to do's that take so much time from my want to do's.  But I enjoy myself more now than I ever did when I was younger. Less emotions pulling me this way and that - tugging at me - keeping me at unrest inside.  I never thought I would be where I am now. I have accomplished more than I thought I would and still have more ground I want to cover. My dreams -as small as they may be ( they are my dreams) keep me challenged and awake. Maybe that is the clue - keep dreaming and hoping.....have some waking dreams!  More beads to make more jewelry to design! Enjoy. :o)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Coupon Sale - Get $150 Dollars of Lampwork Beads and Jewelry for $75

Inspired by Groupon coupons!

You can purchase a $150 worth of handmade lampwork beads and handmade jewelry and chains for only $75!

After you purchase your voucher, a discount code will be emailed to you.

The voucher is only good for Cabaribeads purchases.

Can not be combined with any other coupons, deals or sales.
The half off price is on original prices only.  Thanks!

Only 10 vouchers are available here!

I make bead sets and focals, copper and dichroic components, handmade jewelry - handmade chains, necklaces, bracelets and earrings! I do custom orders so if you get an idea from something you see contact me about it!  Also, you may see something in my sold items you like and I can custom make one for you. :o)

New Set of Organic Fall/Winter Color Disk Beads!

I am excited about this new set of disk beads.  Organic wintry shades for a sophisticated look!  Etched transparent, white, creamy beige and earthy silver glass color all edged with pure silver foil, silver wire, terra frit and shiny silver glass! I love them! On sale in my Etsy store.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It Is Blessed To Help Those Around Us

I have found an old online glass lampworking friend who had moved to Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico several years ago from the good ol' USA and has found a new passion: helping the young girls ( and men ) who live in the town around her! Laura Brito has started a workshop where the girls and guys learn a trade as simple as producing goods for the jewelry and metal craft community! I must say I am impressed and want to let you know about it.  They make Copper Blanks, Brass Blanks, German Silver Blanks, Sterling Silver, Bronze Blanks, Soldering Supplies, Bezel Wire, Gunmetal Wire. Enameling Shapes and Forms Galore! Their goods are sold in two stores online one is LBStudio  on the Artfire Website. Here is the blurb from the SupplyDiva   Etsy Store where their goods are sold:

"Community Workshop to help young women without options. 

I started this workshop 6+ years ago to help young women in the little village I live in. they learn a trade, make a living, and to help strengthen their families and keep them from going to the US illegally. It didn't take much for it to get started, the need was there, the desire to work hard too. So slowly we began working together and now it has grown. We now have 10 young women and 2 men. I don't have to push them to do anything, they are all more than willing to work and are so very grateful for the opportunity to learn. The girls depend on your purchases to build humble homes, to eat, and to survive. So they try very hard and appreciate you all so very much!"

Here are some photos of her hard working group:

Thanks Laura for bringing to us some super art supplies and for sharing your knowledge with those around you. <3   You are a doll!!
  I am going to go over right now and peruse the 2,850 items they have for sale - ALL HANDMADE!