Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Huge Markdown on Cellini Spiral Necklace!

If you love cellini spiral like I do you will be excited to hear that I have marked down the cellini spiral necklace in my Etsy shop ANOTHER $40 from the 20% off price which brings it down to $131.20!!
 It is a beautiful piece that is 22 inches long and the gorgeous handmade glass ammo-nite pendant is 1.75 inches.The glass focal bead is handmade with one side cut away and polished to reveal the colored spirals inside. It matches the colors in the necklace perfectly!  I used tiny size 15 seed beads as the smallest  and size 8 as the largest size with size 11 in the middle. That gives a deep indentation and keeps it from being too hefty which can happen when size 6 seed beads are used. It is delicate and beautiful in fabulous shades of green, blue and copper for the fall season!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Lampwork Beads! And 20% Off!

I am so gearing up for Fall! I love Autumn and I need to make more beads with fall colors so that is what I am doing. I remade a made to order  focal that I had listed a year or so ago. It needed updating and I am so happy with the new bead. My whole store is 20% off right now so get some beads for your fall jewelry.

Here is Pond Flowers. It can be found in my Etsy store here.

I have a few more that I will list tonight as soon as I am done cropping the photos.
I love this focal frit bead. The bright orange id actually very pretty dark fuchsia. Impossible to photograph!
And with this organic focal size bead the murrini is not so bright actually burnt orange!
This 1 inch wide disk bead is a gorgeous silver glass deep pink!
And another Pond Flower focal. I love these colors.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shopping For Ribbon!

That the first step!
I know! I make beads and jewelry! Well, I have a wild hair to make a silk ribbon project. My bedroom wall over the bed needs something and a picture won't do. Bedrooms are places that not just anything will do on the walls. They are private and very personal - at least mine is.  And I want something soft and pretty and I love flowers. So, I have decided to get out my embroidery needles  and make a free form embroidered flower garden wall hanging.
This is what my bedroom looks like now.
I have an old distressed chest that I got for a steal at a yard sale from a family that used to have an antique store.  I put a pretty white washed shelf above it for books, jewelry and such. The steps to the right are for my old little doggie that can't jump onto the bed anymore. I made them from an old step stool on top of a home made platform.  I suppose I should paint it but I'd rather do other things! naughty me!

My bedroom is done in lavenders and the wall color is called dolphin grey which is a bit lavender. My big doggie just put her head down as I took the photo below - darn!  The flowered head piece hanging on the wall  is from my daughter's childhood. She wore it in a dance program that was so sweet. So, I think you can see that something hard would not do. i don't want metal. No wooden frame picture with glass. I want it to be a handmade wall hanging.
I found an oval quilters frame at Jo Ann Fabric  that I will use to work in and also as the permanent frame for the piece. It is wooden and I think I will paint it but I am waiting until the piece is finished before I decide. I may like it natural wood color.  More on this tomorrow. Pictures of the beginning  project.    ;-)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Vacation Days!

Yay, for vacation days!!  Well, I took a few days off work just to hang around the house and finish a few projects that have been on the back burner. Plus, I needed some days away from the work stuff. I started off with super energy and got alot done:

I cut the canna lilies out of my garden as they have been taking over the garden and blocking the sprinkler from getting to the other side of them. I decided they need their own spot where I don't care if they take over.
I got my two porcelain vines tied up so they will trail up the pagoda.
I got the wisteria in the ground finally!
I cut down the bushes on either side of the steps in the front and it looks SO good now! Open and neat!
I trimmed two of the three trees along the driveway.
I got rid of the branches I had trimmed from trees and boards from a failed attempt at raised gardens.

And then I was marking the wall  to hang a picture over my antique vanity and my back went into spasms! Oh, pooh!!  That was two days ago and today I started using flexaril and some electric current pads. My dd has a battery operated Empi set. I decided to borrow it as I was not getting better on my own.  I hate not being able to keep going and I have to be back at work next Saturday. Darn!!

 Tomorrow I think I will sit on my duff and make beads. I am waiting on a glass order that has some yellow glass in it that I need for a special order. I hope it comes but I have some new beads in mind anyway.

I hate to leave you without eye candy so here are some beads I am making for this custom order.  Two focals and 2 bead sets!  Enjoy. 

This is a set of six beautiful light yellow coin shaped 22mm beads with a pretty frit blend that I made myself and a beautiful murrini accent .

This is a pretty, soft butter yellow with a speckling of pastel frit across it. It  is etched to give it a soft glow. It is 1& 5/8 inches long and 1& 1/4 inches across.

This sweet 1.75" soft teal shade is a blend of transparent teal and opaque teal. The mix is a beautiful wispy blend that looks like frothy ocean waves

This sweet soft teal shade is a blend of transparent teal and opaque teal.  These  beads are about 13mm around.