Monday, November 18, 2013

To Etch or Not to Etch

That is the question lots of lampworkers ask themselves after making some sets of beads.  At first i didn't think these beads needed etching. And I wanted to leave them shiny and let the light pass through them to mimic  how bright and clear the light  is in the fall.  Here they are unetched.

Perhaps I was wrong and they would look better etched. The bad thing is that once you etch your beads you can't take it back.  So, I did it and I think it's better.  I tumble etched them which gives a smooth silky etch compared to chemical etching. I love it! The only draw back is that tumble etching doesn't work on beads with texture as it doesn't get in the grooves. Also, do not etch silver glass as you lose all of your beautiful silver glass color.

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