Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New Beads and 40% Off Winter Wonderland Disk Beads

I thought perhaps some peeps would prefer donut shaped beads to disk beads so I have made some sets of Winter Wonderland in donut shapes for you! First a set of fourteen 15mm size chunky donut lampwork beads. These are all 30% off to kick off the holiday season!

 And then I posted a smaller set that could be used for a bracelet with 7 beads.

And lastly I have reduced the big set of Winter Wonderland  lampwork disk beads to 40% off!  Come and see them here!

Then I listed some 'made to order' beads from the Winter Wonderland chunky donut sets so you can choose  which colors you want in sets of three. You can see them here. :o)

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope the weather is ok where you are. 

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