Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Good Day Lampworking!

You know there can be days that you sit down at the torch and work all day to have nothing thrilling come out of the kiln. How that happens I can't say but it does!  lol   But I had a good day a few days ago.  I was pleased with a couple new beads I tried out. The first
was a new shape of an old color combo and I love it!  I should have made this shape all along.  I also used light ivory as  base instead of dark ivory on the top half of the bead. The base color for the second half is called lipstick red unique. It is one of my favorite colors ever - sort of a school house red. ( the photo is a bit light.) I then used terra frit melted in on the top and bottom then rings of olive green and Picasso blue silver glass melted in. The finishing touch is 99% pure silver wire wound around the base and melted gently. What do you think? I love this color combo!

My next new bead was born out of determination to use that damn! gold leaf that has been laying around for years because it is so expensive.  It was placed on a light ivory base, gently heated and then powdered glass in pinky peach and green was alternately added and melted in. Then blue silver glass accent stringer was added. I love the organic look of this combination!

I made a round donut bead to go along with it in the same colors. I want to use this combo again for more beads - perhaps on a different color base. What base color do you think it would be good on?

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