Friday, November 1, 2013

Back Trouble and New Copper Components

You can't keep a good woman down -  Darn it all! I have been having hip pain and just found out I have 2 bulging disks as well as something wrong in my hip! Well, I may have to stop doing the heavy lifting but I can still make beads and jewelry and components. Yay!  And here are some new etched copper components I have just listed in my Etsy store. Super lots of them.  I hope you like them. I will drill holes where you want them. Everything is 20% off in my store, including all of my lampwork beads.  <3

small tribal pendant/charm/connector

1 inch seashell pendant/charm

light weight 1" earring pair disk

1" sun face pendant/charm

1.5" dog bone pendant/connector 

golden 2' long tribal pendant/connector

2" long koi pond pendant/connector

`2.75" long Mendi paisley pendant/connector

purpleish 2.25" long Sunflower Fields pendant/connector

1.25" light weight whimsical flower earring/pendant

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