Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Namaste - A Beautiful Sentiment


I have wondered what this means since I have seen this on bumper stickers, on a commercial on TV, online and lots of other places. It sounds so lovely and I think the word even looks lovely. So I wondered what it meant.  I love the definition below. To bow to another's true self. The one deep inside that maybe no one sees...that perhaps we are afraid to show for fear of rejection or because we feel a sense of vulnerability. There is a vulnerability when showing one's true self but it may depend on what you are wishing to accomplish. Most people want acceptance and friendship. I suppose we must look inside and ask ourselves what we would be afraid others would see. Perhaps we ask ourselves why we would want to be accepted by a person who would be harsh or cruel if they did see our true self. These are all things I  keep stewing inside of myself. With me it is like a pot bubbling on the back burner working these things to fruition...to be comfortable with anyone seeing my true self.   It is not a thing accomplished just by thinking it.  But perhaps it is wise to keep a little of our deepest self a bit hidden. After all as Cat Stevens said - it is a wild world.  I am still stewing.

What does Namaste mean?

At the end of each yoga class most teachers bring their hands together in front of the heart, bow their head and say "Namaste" and the students bring their hands together and respond in kind. Have you ever wondered exactly what Namaste means? A good definition of Namaste would be "I bow to your true self". The true self might be seen as the deeper, more essential you, less connected to ego, social expectations and pretensions. So the exchange of Namaste at the end of class is a wonderful way to honor the true self in each of us, and recognize that all life is interrelated. For a more in depth explanation take a look at this piece in Wikipedia or a shorter piece in Yoga Journal.

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