Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Etched Copper Cuffs

I love copper etching as the designs are so fabulous and organic.  Copper is such a warm metal and looks good on all skin tones.  I have just finished some new copper cuffs that are 1.25 inches wide. These cuffs are 6 inches long as that is the standard length for cuffs so they will fit a 6 to 8 inch wrist.  My new cuffs have fabulous flowers on them! I am an avid gardener so that much be why I love them so much. :o)  The first one pictured has sweet happy flowers on it. The second has a beautiful design with hibiscus flowers and foliage. They can be found in my Etsy store right now at 20% off.  I also have a sweet pair of fairy wing pendant/earring pieces that are beautifully golden.

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