Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Autumn Wildflowers

I love this time of year. I never get tired of the brisk air and the changing leaves. The air cools off and is so clear. You can get outside and not sweat like a sumo wrestler!  It is about  40 degrees here in Knoxville and a little overcast which I love. The leaves have not changed here yet. I am still waiting.  I went out meandering today with only two of my 4 dogs because these two can walk off leash. They come running when I call them - my sweet babies. <3

There is a circle about 1/4 mile up the main road in my subdivision where the land is too low for anything to be built. It is all trees - a small wood but my dogs love to run up the paths weaving through it that the neighborhood kids have trodden down. Even my old boy (he's 14) kicks up his legs and runs in there.   It looks like someone was down there recently and built a small campfire in the clearing near the middle.   When I was a child we had a huge wood behind our house and it was such fertile ground for play - physically and mentally.  We spent whole days dreaming back in that beautiful New York wood and never got bored!

Today I found some fluffs of moss on fallen Maple branches. I have been gathering them to use on a Fairy House I plan to make. It's still in the planning stages. I would love to make one that could be in my garden and wouldn't decay....

I also found some sweet white and berry colored weed flowers - just waiting for me to come along and enjoy them. I cut the stems back and put them in an old bottle to use as a vase. They went on the small shelf in the dining room.

And gooseberries! I think these are gooseberries. I am going to try and make some lampwork beads to look like them.  :o)

Off to make beads.

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