Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It Is Blessed To Help Those Around Us

I have found an old online glass lampworking friend who had moved to Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico several years ago from the good ol' USA and has found a new passion: helping the young girls ( and men ) who live in the town around her! Laura Brito has started a workshop where the girls and guys learn a trade as simple as producing goods for the jewelry and metal craft community! I must say I am impressed and want to let you know about it.  They make Copper Blanks, Brass Blanks, German Silver Blanks, Sterling Silver, Bronze Blanks, Soldering Supplies, Bezel Wire, Gunmetal Wire. Enameling Shapes and Forms Galore! Their goods are sold in two stores online one is LBStudio  on the Artfire Website. Here is the blurb from the SupplyDiva   Etsy Store where their goods are sold:

"Community Workshop to help young women without options. 

I started this workshop 6+ years ago to help young women in the little village I live in. they learn a trade, make a living, and to help strengthen their families and keep them from going to the US illegally. It didn't take much for it to get started, the need was there, the desire to work hard too. So slowly we began working together and now it has grown. We now have 10 young women and 2 men. I don't have to push them to do anything, they are all more than willing to work and are so very grateful for the opportunity to learn. The girls depend on your purchases to build humble homes, to eat, and to survive. So they try very hard and appreciate you all so very much!"

Here are some photos of her hard working group:

Thanks Laura for bringing to us some super art supplies and for sharing your knowledge with those around you. <3   You are a doll!!
  I am going to go over right now and peruse the 2,850 items they have for sale - ALL HANDMADE!

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