Monday, August 5, 2013

Vacation Days!

Yay, for vacation days!!  Well, I took a few days off work just to hang around the house and finish a few projects that have been on the back burner. Plus, I needed some days away from the work stuff. I started off with super energy and got alot done:

I cut the canna lilies out of my garden as they have been taking over the garden and blocking the sprinkler from getting to the other side of them. I decided they need their own spot where I don't care if they take over.
I got my two porcelain vines tied up so they will trail up the pagoda.
I got the wisteria in the ground finally!
I cut down the bushes on either side of the steps in the front and it looks SO good now! Open and neat!
I trimmed two of the three trees along the driveway.
I got rid of the branches I had trimmed from trees and boards from a failed attempt at raised gardens.

And then I was marking the wall  to hang a picture over my antique vanity and my back went into spasms! Oh, pooh!!  That was two days ago and today I started using flexaril and some electric current pads. My dd has a battery operated Empi set. I decided to borrow it as I was not getting better on my own.  I hate not being able to keep going and I have to be back at work next Saturday. Darn!!

 Tomorrow I think I will sit on my duff and make beads. I am waiting on a glass order that has some yellow glass in it that I need for a special order. I hope it comes but I have some new beads in mind anyway.

I hate to leave you without eye candy so here are some beads I am making for this custom order.  Two focals and 2 bead sets!  Enjoy. 

This is a set of six beautiful light yellow coin shaped 22mm beads with a pretty frit blend that I made myself and a beautiful murrini accent .

This is a pretty, soft butter yellow with a speckling of pastel frit across it. It  is etched to give it a soft glow. It is 1& 5/8 inches long and 1& 1/4 inches across.

This sweet 1.75" soft teal shade is a blend of transparent teal and opaque teal. The mix is a beautiful wispy blend that looks like frothy ocean waves

This sweet soft teal shade is a blend of transparent teal and opaque teal.  These  beads are about 13mm around.

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