Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shopping For Ribbon!

That the first step!
I know! I make beads and jewelry! Well, I have a wild hair to make a silk ribbon project. My bedroom wall over the bed needs something and a picture won't do. Bedrooms are places that not just anything will do on the walls. They are private and very personal - at least mine is.  And I want something soft and pretty and I love flowers. So, I have decided to get out my embroidery needles  and make a free form embroidered flower garden wall hanging.
This is what my bedroom looks like now.
I have an old distressed chest that I got for a steal at a yard sale from a family that used to have an antique store.  I put a pretty white washed shelf above it for books, jewelry and such. The steps to the right are for my old little doggie that can't jump onto the bed anymore. I made them from an old step stool on top of a home made platform.  I suppose I should paint it but I'd rather do other things! naughty me!

My bedroom is done in lavenders and the wall color is called dolphin grey which is a bit lavender. My big doggie just put her head down as I took the photo below - darn!  The flowered head piece hanging on the wall  is from my daughter's childhood. She wore it in a dance program that was so sweet. So, I think you can see that something hard would not do. i don't want metal. No wooden frame picture with glass. I want it to be a handmade wall hanging.
I found an oval quilters frame at Jo Ann Fabric  that I will use to work in and also as the permanent frame for the piece. It is wooden and I think I will paint it but I am waiting until the piece is finished before I decide. I may like it natural wood color.  More on this tomorrow. Pictures of the beginning  project.    ;-)

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