Thursday, June 27, 2013

I Love Pink Beads!

And I have a ton to show you.  Pink is a beautiful color ranging from bright fuchsia to pale pastel in transparent and opaque and I love them all!  It is considered ultra feminine but I look at pink as a color of flowers in my garden - the same as the purples, yellows, reds and oranges!  There are some fairly new silver glass colors with which you can get fantastic hot pinks and then the standby opaque pastel pinks which are fab by themselves or mixed with other colors. Except for the silver glass colors pink glass actually has real gold in it which explains the higher prices on pink glass. So, here are some of my pink beads that I have to offer now in my Etsy shop. There are more and you can see them all there in my Etsy Store.  And I am having a 20% off Sale right now!

Pink Wildflower Garden Opaque Beads

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