Friday, June 28, 2013

I Work with Metal, too!

I forgot to tell you that I work with metals, too! I do a  little soldering for bezels, metal etching, and cold working, of course!  I love metal etching because you can etch any design in your metal piece that you can outline on your piece. There are two ways: using rubber stamps and photo etching. To do photo etching you have to have a certain type of copier which I don't have so for me it's rubber stamps and/or hand drawing. Here are some pieces I have made over the last couple of years.I make most of the earwires, clasps and jump rings for my pieces.
Mendi Style Earrings

Dragonfly flight Earrings

Totem man Necklace

Sunflower Fields Pendant

Sunflower Fields Cuff Bracelet

Boho Charm and Chain Dangle Necklace

Koi Pond Etched Copper and Lampwork Necklace

Timetraveller  Copper tri metal layered disk  Necklace

Floral Lampwork Bead with Floral Copper Disks and Washer

And one of My Favorites - Sister Moon Pendant

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