Saturday, June 29, 2013

Good Bead Production Day!

Well, good all around day. I worked my other job today as I work six days a week. Ugghhh!  But I got off at 1:30 this afternoon and came home to be greeted by my pups and kittehs. 

My funny Jessie girl - the love of my life
Juno - my goonie girl
Molly - my daughter's swimming doggie

Daisy - my old girl!
And the menagerie of kittehs

My DD was napping because she had gotten up early for a job interview.  I wondered what I was going to do with the rest of my day.   I piddled around and decided to take 3 of my dogs to the dog park that was built by Pet Safe ( thank you) a few miles away. There is a fenced area separate from the rest where the dogs can get in the lake and my pups love it!  After about an hour they had enough of swimming and chasing other dogs so we drove home and my DD was still sleeping. I got on the computer and edited listings in  my Etsy store for a couple hours and then decided to remake a few beads I have wanted to redo. I turned on the kiln and got a bunch of mandrels dipped and drying. Then I realized my DD needed to get up for work - fast! I got her up and she began telling me about her day and her job training that she will be traveling out of town for.  We started picking out clothes for her and she tried on several skirts and blouses and found a few that will work perfectly.Well,  another 40 minutes had gone by!  So, she dashed out the door to her job and I finally got on the torch! Do your days go like that, too? lol

I have a special order to fill from my Etsy shop as well as a few other beads to make. I made 12 disk beads like these - Fun and Funky Poppy Disks - but I added some black dots in the center of a couple of them and made a pair with yellow centers and a pair with coral centers. I can't wait to see them after they have cooled!
Then I made this  focal bead and matching disk beads for the special order. They are organic and they make me feel as if I am at the ocean!  I also made a new set of five silver glass beads. I can't wait til morning to see how they turned out! After that I went outside with my black doggie Jessie and pulled weeds in my flower gardens for an hour or so.  All together I made 28 beads and had a fabulous day!  Yay Saturday!  BTW, I have a 20% off Pre July 4th Sale going on right now in my Etsy Store. Check it out! Link on the right!

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  1. Oh my gosh ... your bead so looks like mine ... totally catified. (is that a word?)